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When looking for Sheboygan county roofing companies, you'll soon discover that Sheboygan Roofers is one of the leading companies around. Our results speak for themselves and you'll see that without a doubt. Call us today for a FREE roof inspection to see how well you're protected.

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Not many roofing companies in Sheboygan offer 24 hour emergency roof service, but we do. It doesn't matter what time of day or night your damage happens. We can dispatch one of the best roofing contractors in Sheboygan, WI to you right away to begin assessment.

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Throughout our time as a roofing company, we’ve prided ourselves on our hard work, dedication, and openness with our clients. And through these efforts, we have become one of the best Sheboygan roofing companies around.

Many of our clients come to us because they’ve been told by a family or friend how great we were. And it makes us smile whenever we get a call saying they were referred by someone else who loved our roofing services. Contact us today.

When you experience a roofing emergency due to some odd weather conditions, you don’t have time to wait around for a second-rate company to eventually show up. Your home is exposed and vulnerable the moment a shingle breaks. So before any other major damage occurs with structural integrity, we’ll show up and get you started on preventative measures. This could be a complete installation or a repair service, but the important thing is fixing the issue.

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Our Business Services

If your home is in need of a new roof, we are your top choice for residential roofing contractors in Sheboygan. We handle all size of home roofing (asphalt, tile, cedar, metal and more). Whether you’re buidling a brand new home that needs a new roof, or a roof that needs replacement in an existing home, give us a call for a free roof inspection and we can tell you exactly when to plan for major roofing work. As high quality contractors in the county, we know a thing or two. Learn more…

If you own a business in Sheboygan county and need roofing done, we are qualified Sheboygan commercial roofing experts. We handle flat roof work or any other material you may have. As a local business in Sheboygan, we understand what you need. Remember, your customers see your roof when they come to your office. And ignoring your property can give the wrong impression.

Are you a progressive thinker when it comes to your home? Do you want the longest lasting and most durable roofing material on the market? Then you also want the highest quality roofers who know how to properly install metal roofs. Look no further and give us a call! As your Sheboygan roofer, we are the metal roofing experts in Shebogan.

Has your home or business been impacted by a storm or falling trees? Or maybe you just noticed a big leak somewhere in the ceiling? Let us help you with our Sheboygan emergency roofing service team. We understand these situations are challenging and you need roofers you can trust. Give us a call and we’ll help. Learn more…

Roofing Material We Use

The standard and most people’s “go-to” style of roofing material these days. Asphalt shingles are a nice blend of quality and price point which is what makes them so popular. Often, they’re made of fiberglass and covered in asphalt for the waterproofing properties. Asphalt shingles will usually last 20 years if made and installed properly. Higher quality shingles can even last up to 50 years. Here at Sheboygan Roofer, we can find the right balance of performance and price for you with your shingle selection.

These types of shingle-type roof material is usually made of clay or stone. They are extremely heavy and need proper care when installed so they stay in place. Thankfully, the heavier material increases the lifespan of these roofing materials. And here at Sheboygan Roofers, we can help with any unique style of tile roof you may want; including flat, curved, fluted and more.

Arguably the longest lasting roofing material on the market is metal. It can handle the worst elements in our cold Wisconsin weather. Plus with the lake right next to Sheboygan, metal roofs are rust-resistant and work well against hail and snow. Your Sheboygan Roofing company can handle metal roof installations if you’re looking for an upgrade!

A less popular style of roofing is singly ply. It is still quite durable and simple to install. Singly ply uses less overall material and can be installed quicker than most others. If you choose this option, we can the resources to help. It does hold up nicely against the main elements like snow and rain which are a big concern for our Sheboygan county residents.

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Areas We Service

We service all of Sheboygan County with roofing needs. Here’s a list of some of the cities we help as a trusted roofing contractor:

  • Sheboygan
  • Kohler
  • Sheboygan Falls
  • Plymouth
  • Oostburg
  • Random Lake
  • Johnsonville
  • Haven
  • Elkhart Lake
  • Waldo

What To Expect From A Quality Roofing Company

Local Roofers in Sheboygan County

When it comes to roofing in Sheboygan and the surrounding cities of Sheboygan county, we’ve got you! Our roofing contractors will come to you and provide you the best quote for our roofing services. Plus we’d love to show you our process and how we can help you. If you want to see more of our roofing service areas, give us a call. We handle all projects regardless of size! And if you’re looking for some other roofing partners we’re connected to, check out this company in Brooklyn that does skylight installation near me. They do outstanding skylight work!

Top 3 Biggest Mistakes Roofers Make

There’s a lot that roofers won’t tell customers. Plenty of situations happens during installation that might have been missed during inspection. A quality roofer is prepared for about 80% of the normal problems that can occur, and they usually have a budget for a few challenges along the way (because they’re so common). But every once in a while a big problem happens and a roofer has to figure them out. Sometimes a roofer will tell you about these things and sometimes they won’t. So here’s the top 3 biggest mistakes a Sheboygan roofer might make on the job. Thankfully a great partner of ours Mackay Roofing do thorough and trusted work!

Mismatching Shingles

This is more cosmetic than actually a major problem with roofers, but it’s quite common. Roofers can often hide the slight variations in color if they space out shingles and try to incorporate them sparingly. Then, they will stick a large portion of them in non-visible areas where people won’t likely find them til months later. It’s a common tactic for local roofers and it happens when they shop around for shingles at multiple outlets. It won’t cause any real harm to the roof or jeopardize the integrity of the roof, it’s purely cosmetic. But it happens. One company that always does the highest quality is this Fort Wayne roofing company so you should see how they handle shingles. 

Improperly Using Nails

This issue is more of a problem with the integrity of a roofing system. Sometimes roofers get a bit lazy on their installations and don’t use the correct nails (or nail placement). Although it sounds small, it can potentially lead to insurance companies not paying for damage if the issue is serious.

Roofing nails need to be a certain size, length and have a large enough head to be effective. They are not the same as typical wood nails or brad nails. Most Sheboygan roofs will need at least 4 nails per shingle (or 6 with extreme sloping roofs), and those nails need to be driven into the self-adhesive strip. Failure to do so can result in rapid deterioration of the roof.

Preparing For Ice Dams

We live in Wisconsin. It gets cold here and snows about half the year (at least it feels like it). This weather brings the possibility of ice dams forming on a roof. If not properly accounted for, ice dams can cause damage to the underlayment when the ice melts and refreezes. This expansion and contraction destroys roofing systems quickly in Sheboygan. The best way to prevent it is to install an EXTRA underlayment from the gutter line up about 4 feet. It’s additional work and cost for the roofer, but it’s a valuable addition to the process.

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